Ground Handling Suite


TAV Technologies Ground Handling Suite (GHS) is set of fully integrated products that offers a comprehensive Ground Handling solution, covering all of the operational and business processes, from initial schedule preparations through daily operations & turnaround management, tactical allocations and SLA monitoring to service recording and automated billing.

GHS offers visibility on all turnaround activities, from check-in to boarding, baggage to cleaning and staff allocations on a modern Gannt View, enabling identification of potential delays in real-time, and take proactive steps to minimize disruption to the operations.



  • Real Time Operations Management - modern dashboard and Gantt view provides visibility of your entire operation
  • Flight Management – track and communicate flight status and requirements
  • Demand Calculation – ideal planning and forecasting based on business rules and staff skills
  • Rostering - Manage shift times, rosters and absences
  • Real-time Task Management - effective resource allocation and improved productivity
  • Advanced Optimization Engine – industry proven real-time optimization algorithm for critical, operational and strategic time windows
  • Conflict Management – best-in-class conflict resolution
  • Equipment / Vehicle Allocation – optimized usage of mobile and fixed assets
  • Ramp / Turnaround Management - proactively monitor progress and improve performance
  • Mobile Apps – streamlined task management, service monitoring and recording
  • Service Recording - capture everything and improve data quality for accurate billing
  • Automated Billing – for efficient, accurate and timely billing
  • Dashboards and Reporting - immediate access to real-time Business Intelligence, KPIs, SLA metrics
  • Integration - Data exchange with external systems (AODB, Roster, Time and Attendance, SAP)


  • Increase your productivity and efficiency of ground handling processes
  • Reduce operational costs due to optimized allocation of human resources and equipment
  • Provide visibility four your entire operations and teams on a modern Gannt view graphical interface
  • Plan ahead with visibility of all scheduled flights, avoid service interruption due to insufficient resources
  • Streamline your work order communication and service tracking with mobile apps and devices
  • Avoid missed service recording and billing via integrations and mobile devices
  • Automatically respond to unpredictable situations like flight delays or unscheduled ad-hoc services
  • Operate pro-actively by foreseeing bottlenecks within daily operation as well as in the planning phase
  • Improve motivation of staff through equalized and moderate work peaks
  • Advance service levels to your customers by controlling and enhancing time-relevant tasks
  • Integrate with Business Intelligence tools to provide feedback on whether KPIs are being met

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