BI (Business intelligence) - MIS (Management Information System)


As organizations evolve and grow, they amass huge amounts of data. This data is usually scattered throughout the organization and might be available in different systems and even in various geographical locations, which makes the gathering and analyzing of this valuable asset extremely challenging. As a result, today’s organizations struggle to consolidate their distributed data in one single data source (Single Point of Truth) in order to achieve consistency and integrity in their reports.

TAV TECHNOLOGIES MIS (Management Information System) is a complete data analysis and visualization solution designed to address all these challenges and help organizations to gather, consolidate and analyze their data in order to turn data into information and information into actionable intelligence to guide and support management decisions.

TAV TECHNOLOGIES MIS features and functions help you analyze organizational data in order to optimize performance and stay competitive within your market.


Business Benefits

  • Visibility of all operational and financial data in one place
  • Analyze data and turn it into information to understand your organization better
  • Monitor operational and financial performance of your organization in near-time
  • Improve operational efficiency by acting on gathered information
  • Identify opportunities to utilize your resources better and reduce costs
  • Increase financial performance of your organization
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your communications


Technical Benefits

  • Achieving single point of truth in reporting
  • Collecting, structuring, analyzing and leveraging of data to turn it into easy-to understand and actionable information
  • Taking snapshots of transactional data and putting it in a separate database to analyze trends and develop reports based on the captured information
  • Ad hoc reporting and exploration
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Online access to past and present business data
  • Eliminate reporting backlog and delays
  • Leverage your investment in your data warehouse
  • Available on mobile platforms as well as through web interface


Self-Service AD-HOC Reporting

  • Central Datawarehouse
  • Drill-Down, Drill-Up and format information, based on your business needs
  • Use simple drag-and-drop features to create interactive reports
  • Combine data from different sources
  • Share trusted insights with business partners


Terminal Analysis

  • Baggage Handling Analysis
  • Passenger/Flight Movements Analysis
  • Peak Time Analysis
  • Passenger/Flight comparisons


Airside Performance Analytic

  • Gives Total Insight into ATM's Runway productivity
  • Aircraft Gate Services
  • Bridge and Counter usages by airlines
  • Boarding Bridge efficiencies
  • Peak time Analysis
  • Flight Productivity


Service Management Analytic

  • Maximize Early detection of service and application issues to avoid business-impacting service distribution
  • Provides a single analytic solution for monitoring SLA's
  • Provides a single analytic solution to evaluate service center in all levels


HR Analytic

  • Turning Data into Insight
  • Providing the capability correlate workforce information about operational measures
  • Recruiting Analysis
  • Employee Analysis
  • Employee Distribution Analysis
  • Cumulative and Monthly Turnover Analysis


Social Media Sentiment Analytic

  • Capture 3 Twitter Streams
  • Calculates Sentiment Scores (Positive, Negative, Neutral) using
  • Big data technologies


IOT-Realtime Flight Radar Streaming

  • Real-time Streaming AODB data and Flight Radar Information
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Real-time Streaming of Airside Surface Movements


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