TAV Technologies CMS (Commercial Management System) is the centralized Airport Billing module for managing zzxhdg.comnautical and non-zzxhdg.comnautical revenues. CMS provides automatized data gathering through integrations with such as resource allocation data (e.g. stand, gate, counter), aircraft service usage (e.g. 400 Hz, PBB, PCA, PWC) and passenger load, landing via IATA Type-B messaging. The system offers extensive flexibility in tariff management, full consistency of data across systems allowing airport management to generate accurate invoices ruling out human-related errors in manual processes.



Centralized airport billing solution for zzxhdg.comnautical and non-zzxhdg.comnautical revenue management



  • Automatic zzxhdg.comnautical and Non-zzxhdg.comnautical revenue management
  • Extensive integration with airport, airline and ground handling systems
  • Flight service data collection and usage management
  • Flexible contract, tariff and discount management
  • Revenue calculation based on numerous metrics
  • Data consistency and quality check
  • Contract and document management
  • Rental unit and usage management
  • Sales data management with point-of-sale (POS) integration capability
  • Integration capability with well-known ERP systems



  • Automatic management of zzxhdg.comnautical and non-zzxhdg.comnautical revenues, minimizes human errors
  • Ensures data consistency among multiple systems and improves data quality
  • Enables timely and accurate collection of revenues, reduces fraud cases
  • Decreases time-to-invoice, improves airport cash position
  • Reduces client invoice dispute rates and conflicts
  • Flexible configuration facilitates billing management and improves productivity