CDM - Collaborative Decision Making


TAV Technologies CDM is an A-CDM platform, fully compliant with the Eurocontrol’s A-CDM concept. The system provides a reliable and dependable platform on which information can be shared between all stakeholders, such as, Aviation ities, Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Ground Handling Service Companies, ATC and the NMOC. TAV Technologies A-CDM facilitates the optimum handling of the turn-round process at airports.

Beyond complying with Eurocontrol’s current CDM concept, TAV Technologies CDM provides flexibility in order to accommodate to future extensions to the concept. With its advanced KPI and milestone monitoring and process management functionalities, the system provides functionalities to manage and monitor the turn-round process effectively for improved operational efficiency and reduced delays. TAV Technologies A-CDM directly helps in reducing delays and taxi times, improving punctuality and also the optimization of resource utilization.

TAV Technologies A-CDM supports the fundamental concept element;

  • Information Sharing
  • Milestone Approach
  • Variable Taxi Time
  • Pre-departure Sequencing (provides data and visibility to support Pre-departure Sequencing)
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Collaborative Management of Flight Updates



  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improve on-time performance through effective information sharing and operational transparency
  • Better use of airport resources/capacity (runways, stands, gates, etc.)
  • Better planning capability, predictability and improved reaction times
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Reduced fuel wasting
  • Improved slot adherence
  • Improve data quality shared with public
  • Enhanced quality of arrival and departure information exchange between the Network Operations and the CDM airports.
  • Common situational awareness




TAV Technologies A-CDM platform offers the following key features:

  • Real-time operational monitoring
  • Advanced warning and alert management
  • Real-time aerial view displays
  • Performance management dashboards
  • 360-degree flight information views
  • Inconsistency management
  • DPI & FUM message management
  • Graphical Ground movement surveillance on map
  • Aircraft movement track on airport and on flight depending radar data
  • Automatic on/off block, touch down, take off detection depending radar data
  • Rich KPIs for all stakeholders
  • Authentication and ization management
  • User configurable interfaces
  • Seamless integration
  • Gathers & manages data from a range of sources
  • Data quality tracking and reporting

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